The gma namespace holds everything



Object for logging stuff to
We use this so that we don’t get errors when there is no console
Default console


Info used to create Unit cube template

Type Object
Package gma/utils/render


An instantiated meshTemplate using unitCubeInfo

Type gma.meshTemplate
Package gma/utils/render


insertScript (string)

Inserts a javascript script tag into the document with the specified text

string String text to put inside the new script tag
test (location, jingoName)

Inserts a javascript tag containing a preprocessed test

location String Location of the test to run
jingoName String Name to use in the jingo.declare block that is created around the test
instructions (hud, msg, key, display)

Convenience function for examples to show some instruction text and be able to toggle it

hud gma.hud Hud to display message with
msg String The message to display
key Number Key to use to toggle message
display Boolean Specify whether to display straight away
makeImage (manager, width, height) -> Base64-PNG

Creates a png image of the canvas

Package gma/utils/image

manager gma.manager  
width Number Width of the png
height Number Height of the png
checkImage (png, checkAgainst) -> Result from the server

Asks the server to check an image against one it already has

Package gma/utils/image

png Base64-PNG Png to check
checkAgainst string Location of image to check

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